Preta Wolzak   Egelantiersgracht 484  1015 RR Amsterdam

Preta Wolzak is represented by

Arctic Charade “Blue”

a new series embroideries, leather, fibres, drawings, 120 x 150cm

Arctic Charade “White”

140 x 130 cm embroidery,sequins,fibres,drawing

Arctic Charade “Balance”

115 x 150 cm embroidery sequins fibres acrylics

now available big silk crepe georgette scarves # LoLa # Wobbegong # Adila at

Kunstrai 2017

# solo at the Kunstrai 2017 # Rademakersgallery

# Beta Angels #

embroidery (yarnpainting) acrylic crystal leather 190 x 225 cm

The Children of St. Kilda

Homage to the craftsmanship and the people of Hirta (St Kilda) who where deported by the British government in 1936. This most spectaculair island has been abandoned ever since. My work The Children of St. Kilda ( 2007/2011/2017) 75 x 385 cm

#Juffrouw Paula & Shirley loves to grow a croqtail# * circus girls * 80 x 45 cm

#Melania Property Of

Nasty Women Amsterdam

Melania Property Of

on 42nd NY

Valley of Dolls

by Hedy van Erp

# Dandelion

my last sculpture is Dandelion from the series Burden no.4 / Dandelion is an Aboriginal who wants to be an american football-player


an article in Woman in Art


She can handle both! Burden no.3

Walking the Molecule

* walks like a dandy *

Walking the Molecule

No. 2 from the series Burden


I am working on a new series (*Burden*) no 1. is Nephilo

detail of Nephilo


By The Creators Project / Vice by Adriana Ivanova

Art Southampton

Photo Daniel Gonzalez photographer Sag Harbour Thanks to all the lovely people I met at the hamptons Most gorgeous !!!

Art Southampton I Will Be There! Going to the to the Parrish Art Museum

# Sassenach and # Brathàir June 14 - June 19 Scope Basel

* Ontpoppen *

# Sassenach & # Brathàir

original sculptures Now at Scope Art Basel Booth A23

# Scuba N’Gozi

* diving for pearls * from the song Shipbuilding /Elvis Costello about the war between the Philippines and England

# Iniko

* original sculpture *

# Sassenach

*means outsider* I have never met anybody with such a honest open sweet and tender soul as Sassenach

# Brathàir

# Brathàir he came in as a blond girly from the north of holland and now he is a proud boy from Tierra del Fuego who wants to entertain people with his painted body as they did back in the twenties

# Adila

righteous and honest

Dolls Do you know what to do with it ?


latexprint on perspex 90 x 120 cm


# Soma & Sousi

# LOLA #

her name is .... Pinkée and friends introduce Lola

greetings from mister sunapee

85 x 120 cm, embroidery ( big Yarn-painting ) pencil drawing, acrylic on canvas

Ghostbusters by Preta Wolzak


120 x 85 cm embroidery( yarnpainting ) glow in the dark, pencil drawing , acrylic on canvas

Ghostbuster study

Bubu est Magnifique

120 x 90 cm embroidery acrylic on canvas ( yarnpainting )

New studio


Claspers of the Wobbegong

Embroidery (big yarnpainting) pencil drawing, acrylics on canvas. 90 x 200


120 x 90 cm Pencil drawing, embroidery on canvas ( yarnpainting )


100 x 150 cm pencil drawing , embroidery ( yarnpainting )

Decor Bubu

120 x 90 cm, pencil drawing, embroidery on canvas

Huis met de hoofden

150 x 140 cm x 20 cm pencil drawing, embroidery, business class houses / betondorp

part of Betondorp

turkish delight

no. 12 & no. 13

turkish delight

no. 7 & no. 8

turkish delight

no. 5 & no. 6

scottish barns

Pink barn, Black barn, Fish barn, Fraserburgh barn,Blue barn, Where I wanna be barn

Gieser Wildeman

180 x 270 cm, embroidery


*1* 的





BuBu, Scott, Amy

Children of St.Kilda

embroidery 75 x 385 cm